The simple ingredients for a cupcake mission are charity of choice, guest list, venue, cupcakes, beverages, napkins, and money jar. As with all recipes, it is only as successful as your personal touches make it. And when it comes to raising money for charity, use all your resources and ignite your creative energy.


For Example: Meg's First CC Mission

Cause: Create String Progam for Anniston High School Band

Venue: Tyson Art and Frame, Anniston, AL
Guest List: Sent emails to all friends and family that I had email addresses for (this is cost friendly AND environmentally friendly); mailed invites to friends and family that I did not have email addresses for (forgive me for ending a sentence with a prepostion)
Cupcakes: All donated by invited guests (if you do not want to get cupcakes donated, buy super cheap cupcakes. That goes for all things: cupcakes, beverages, napkins, plates....whatever you do not have donated, buy SUPER cheap)
Wine: Because Janet Tyson graciously allowed me to host in her fabulous store, she arranged for a wine rep from International Wines, Cyndie Gilchrest, to do a wine tasting during the fundraising party. We obeyed all ABC laws and only had wine served for two hours, but it was a great two hours.
Donation: All guests were asked to contribute $20.00; however, if they supported our local store owner and wine rep and bought a bottle of delicious Francis Ford Coppola wine, guest received $5.00 off donation. This way, both the charity and our local economy benefitted.
Creative Resourcefulness: Meg convinced her husband, Alex Weidner, to match all money raised in monetary donations with instrument donations. As owner of a musical wholesale company, Howard Core Company, he was thrilled to participate. With this party, and another party hosted by fabulous girlfriends, Rani Darling and Jackie Ney, along with support and donations from suppliers, the Cupcake Mission successfully created the first string program at Anniston High School, donating a total of five violins, three violas, one cello and one bass.


If you choose to accept your cupcake mission and would like to show pictures of your party and write a blog about why you chose to do the cc mission and what charity or cause you are helping, please write us at