I’m still in the process of discovery.


My father is a two-star General and pilot in the Air National Guard. I am afraid to fly.


My mother is a brilliant chef and I manage to send instant cheese grits all over the kitchen counter.


My husband is a focused business man and I am a creative artist. As an eternal optimist, I see this as balance.


Our daughter is two and head strong—I have met my match.


As a freelance writer for Longleaf Magazine, I have eaten my weight in cupcakes and lived to write about it. In search of the perfect cupcake, I found that cupcakes have far more depth than I ever gave them credit. They are powerful sources for fundraising and this epiphany was my first inspiration for the documentary. This epiphany, combined with my long time obsession with all things dessert and my drive to reach out and help people, has led me on this journey to save the world one cupcake at a time.


As a long time actor, I tried my eye at film making and my first short film, “You’re Too…:” is entering its sixth film festival in March. “You’re Too” won an award at Broad Humor in California in June of 2008. Other screenings include the Women’s International Film Festival in Miami, FL, Austin Women’s Film Festival in Texas, Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC, Dixie Film Festival in Athens, GA and Reel Women Film Festival in Beverly Hills.



As a wife, mother, creative artist and student of life, I am totally loving the ride.