Cupcake Mission is literally a mission to save the world one cupcake at a time.


It has its roots in school and church bake sales, but this project is taking it to a whole ‘nother level as these small cupcakes missions are raising big time money for local and national charities alike.


The simple ingredients for a cupcake mission are charity of choice, guest list, venue, cupcakes, beverages, napkins, and money jar. As with all recipes, it is only as successful as your personal touches make it. And when it comes to raising money for charity, use all your resources and ignite your creative energy.


Meg01The first cupcake mission launched by Meg Weidner was created to raise money to establish the first orchestral string program at Anniston High School. Anniston High School is a local public school that may be facing budget cuts like so many of our schools across the country. Rather than see these students miss out on a chance at music education, Weidner rallied her friends to participate in this mission and “buy” the students two violins.


How can two violins make up an actual string program? They can’t. Weidner got creative and added some of her own spices to the ingredient mix listed above. The endearing students that you will come to know in the documentary not only received two violins; they received a total of five violins, three violas, a cello and a bass. While it does help that Weidner’s husband owns a musical wholesale company and her husband, Alex, graciously matched all money raised, (Meg) Weidner had to get creative when it came to making a true profit so that there was actual money to be matched.


Weidner teamed up with a local store owner, Janet Tyson, to co-host the cupcake fundraiser at Tyson Art and Frame. Tyson arranged for a wine rep to come in and host the wine tasting so that Weidner did not actually have to spend any money on alcoholic beverages. With sincere gratitude to Tyson, Weidner encouraged guests to support their local business by giving all guests $5.00 off their $20.00 donation if they bought a bottle of wine.


Guests were even asked to bake their own special cupcakes and bring them to the party so at $20.00 a guest, free cupcakes and wine, it was all profit and the string program was off to a great start. Suppliers throughout the world were thrilled with this idea and jumped on board donating products for the cause. A close friend was inspired by the idea and the cause and whipped up a party of her own in Birmingham to help raise money for the string program.


Cupcake Mission is still in the early stages of baking. Weidner has launched several CC Missions across the country herself or inspired others to whip up their own missions. Please check "Cupcake Missions" or Meg's blog or the home page for more information on Cupcake Missions past, present and future.
Never Underestimate the Power of a Cupcake!!!


What would you do if you could change the world one cupcake at a time?